Celtic: welcoming the challenge of an equal opponent.

Watching Celtic on Friday night was very pleasing, their passing game and the understanding between the players was sublime, it was very evident in the movements leading up to Skipper Scott Browns goal.

To see the Hoops attacking with

such pressure and velocity even after the game was well out of Dundee’s reach, is something that hasn’t been seen at the club in recent years.

Every other manager at Celtic for the past couple of seasons has played with caution in games that should have been won comfortably. Its clear Ronny Deila has no plans to hold off; his team are out there to show the world they mean business.

After Aberdeen’s loss to Dundee United today, Celtic have been named Champions of the 2014/2015 campaign, their fourth in a row.

‘There’s been no competition since after Rangers have gone from the league’, seems to be the complaint from outsiders. Agreed, there hasn’t been but why should that be Celtics problem? This is an issue for the other teams in the league; it’s not their job to make other teams better.

It is the job of a club, its managing staff and players to win games and titles, the Hoops are doing that. Arguably they have a lot more money than other clubs in the league but splashing out on big players isn’t what Celtic does and they have never been known for that, so money isn’t the reason for them being top.

The Glasgow giants will continue to win trophies and others can continue to complain about them winning or do something about it!

With the league in the bag, watching the team next week at Pittodrie will certainly be an intriguing one. The Bhoys can play with no pressure and surely will be allowed to play an open game; it will be good to see what second placed Aberdeen are made of.

The Dons are on their way up to where they were in the eighties when Alex Ferguson was the boss. The challenge next season will be welcomed, let’s hope it’s a closer encounter because the better the teams Celtic play on a weekly basis the more they improve to play in Europe. It sure looks like Deila has aspirations of competing above what the fans have been used to in recent times in regards to the Champions league.

Anyone who had doubt about the Norwegian man taking over at the beginning of the season will be happily eating their words as they celebrate the clubs league success tonight.


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